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A safe workplace is more easily achieved when employers and employees talk to each other about potential problems and work together to find solutions.

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What are the benefits of Good Occupational Health and Safety System:

A well designed and executed occupational health and safety (OHS) program is often said to be good for business as well as being a key legal and social obligation (making sure that employees in any size or type of business go home in the same condition that they came to work). Furthermore, so-called “best-practice” organizations not only recognize the basic value of good OHS, but see that extra efforts to ensure that its people are not harmed or made ill in any way at work (even at a minor level) is also an essential part of a truly excellent enterprise.

These best practice organizations therefore believe that occupational health and safety:

  • helps demonstrate to all stakeholders that a business is socially responsible,

  • protects and enhances an organization’s reputation and credibility,

  • helps maximize the performance and/or productivity of employees,

  • enhances employees’ commitment to the team/organization as a whole,

  • builds a more competent, happier and healthier workforce,

  • reduces business costs and disruption,

  • enables organizations to meet customers’ OHS expectations, and

  • encourages the workforce in general to stay longer in active life.

On one hand employers are expected by law to identify hazards associated with workplace and provide assisting risk level relevant information to employee. On another hand the  benefits of good hazard identification and risk assessment system include:

  • improvements in the image, brand value and wider reputation of the enterprise,

  • delivering on corporate social responsibility commitments,

  • maintaining and promoting investor confidence, and

  • developing positive stakeholder engagement at all levels.

Simple improvements to workplace safety practices can quickly increase competitiveness, profitability and the motivation of employees. In addition, the implementation of a new OHS management system can rapidly provide an effective framework to prevent or minimize accidents and workplace related ill-health and thereby show an immediate return on investment.

In order to commence this journey towards evolving or improving OHS strategies and practices, it is important for the board or the senior management team of an organization to recognize that both corporate performance and value to stakeholders are affected by its occupational health and safety performance. An effective approach therefore requires both this senior team and all employees to demonstrate a positive attitude and active commitment to health and safety issues. ​

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